Burial 8 (April 2014)

April 1st, 2014

April 1, 2014

Today I buried 4 reels of 16mm film in the earth. Two of them had never been buried before, it was film I shot last year (April 2013). And the other two reels were film that I had buried and unearthed before, years ago. I decided to put them back in the earth for awhile.

I left the film rolled up instead of unraveling it all. The earth was pretty dry so I filled the hole up with water with the film inside. Then I covered the hole with mud and watered it some more. There should be plenty of moisture and humid soil to work on the emulsion now. We’ll see what happens in a month or so. I won’t leave it so long underground this time, the last time I unearthed film (a batch I buried for over a year) there was very little emulsion left at all.

(I eventually unearthed the film after 3 months, on July 1, 2014.) 

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