Unearthing 5 & 6 (April 2013)

April 30th, 2013

April 30, 2013

I unearthed the last two heaps of film that I buried in March 2012. The first bunch of film was hard to find but after some digging I finally uncovered it. I had buried this pile with all kinds of rotting food and it had all disappeared except for a few things: the avocado seeds had begun sprouting and roots were entangled in the film, there were pieces of bone, fruit seeds, rusted amulets and other unidentifiable remains.

The second heap of buried film was easy to find since I had the wall to guide me. This film was enmeshed in dense roots beneath the soil and there were quite a few worms wriggling around it.

In general, I’m very surprised how well the film has held up over the past nearly 2 years of burying and unearthing (since May 2011). I thought that the emulsion on this particular film might be completely wiped clean after having spent a full year undisturbed beneath the earth. Of course, much of the film has deteriorated heavily, but there are still many parts that have remained intact.

I rinsed the film off and left it in a tub of water overnight. The rest of the film that I unearthed yesterday and the day before I left drying.

When I manage to dry all of the film off I will start the scanning process.

View stills of the unearthed film here: Photo series “Burials 5” and “Burials 6”

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